ukrainian fire and technological

          safety union


Ukrainian Fire and Technological Safety Union

Regional branches


I. General instructions

1.1. Regional branches of social organization “Ukrainian Fire and Technological Safety Union” (hereinafter - UFTSU) is the regional representative of the Union, created in the specified administrative and territorial unit of Ukraine in the presence of at least three Union members.

1.2. Activities of regional branches extend to the territory of the Ukrainian administrative-territorial units and are held in cooperation with organizations of all ownership forms, movements and individuals that are aimed at solving common problems with the Union.

1.3. The boundaries of the regional branch of the Union, which includes one or more administrative units of Ukraine, the Board considered and approved by the Union President - Chairman of the Board. 1.4. Regional branch operates on the basis of equality of its members which take part in its activities on the principles of transparency and legality.

1.5. Regional branch of the Union may consist of individual and collective members of the Union which geographically belong to him.

1.6. The work of the regional branch is guided by the Union Charter and the Regulation "Regional brunches of Union."

1.7. Changes to the Regulations "Regional branches of Union" reviewed by the Board and approved by President - Chairman of the Board.

1.8. Governing bodies of regional branches are elected by the decision of the regional branch Union Conference by open voting.

II. Goals, objectives and forms of activity.

2.1. The purpose of the regional branch is:

- Activities aimed at developing and protecting the domestic market and technological fire safety.

2.2. The regional center under the Union Statute and the President-Chairman of the Board by order / coordination carries out the following activities:

- Distributes and promotes fire safety and technological methods;

- Protects the interests of fire safety and technological domestic producers;

- Coordinates the activities of brunch members with a view to increasing production, service and sales in domestic and foreign markets;

-Protects the economic, social and other common rights and interests of Union members;

- Submit proposals and justification of events which improve its members' activity;

- Union helps members to find potential investors and creditors to support the preparation of feasibility studies for investment projects and credit lines;

- Union assists in setting priorities during development of scientific and technical programs, development and production of advanced technologies and equipment, application of new materials; support business cooperation between the Union; -

Provides advice and methodological assistance to members of the Union, which improves performance and their work;

- Takes part in scientific seminars, conferences, forums, symposiums, meetings for exchange of experience within the charter of the Union.

2.3. To fulfill the statutory objectives:
- Arranging for members' scientific and cultural activities;

- Holds events for its statutory activities (festivals, competitions, meetings);

- Carries out activities in the framework of the Union development, approved by Congregant and Union Board.

III. Leading bodies

3.1. The highest governing body of the regional branch is the Conference that:

- elect delegates to the Union Congress;

- Elects the members of the regional branch;

- Hear the report of the regional branch and adopt decisions.

3.2. The next conference is held every five years.

3.3. Extraordinary General Meeting held at the request of the President - Chairman of the Union, most members of the Union Board, President of the regional branch or by a majority of members of the regional branch.

3.4. Union Board of the regional branch is the highest executive and administrative body of the regional branch that:
- Consists of three to six authorized representatives of collective and individual members;
- Elected for five years;
- Guided by the Union Statute and the Regulation "Regional branch of the Union."

3.5. The Regional branch provides its recommendations in the case of the Union Board’s request concerning the candidate for membership in the Union or to exclude an individual or a collective member of the Union.

3.6. The President of the regional branch leads organizes and coordinates the work of the Union regional branch:

-The President is elected from the Union regional branch members by voting a simple majority of members of the Union regional branch for five years;
- Opens regional Conference;
- Leads the meeting of the branch;
- Has the casting vote with equal number of votes during the voting at a meeting;
- Reports about regional branch work to the Union Board quarterly;
- On behalf of the branch shall submit to the Union Board proposals and recommendations regarding the plans and programs of the Union;
- Has the right to vote at meetings of the Union Board;
- May be withdrawn by a decision of two thirds of the regional branches members, President- Chairman of the Board or by a decision of the Union Board, in the case if his activities is contradicting to the purposes and objectives of the Union.

3.7. If Regional President is recalled, the Chairman of the Union Board, temporarily till to the Conference, from members of the regional council appointed the person performing his duties.

* With the changes approved by the Board UFTSU minutes number 17 from 22.09.2006
* With the changes approved by the Board UFTSU minutes number 5 from 30.05.2008