ukrainian fire and technological

          safety union

The rules of joining to the UFTSU

The rules of joining to the UFTSU

According to the Charter UFTSU, labor enterprises collectives and citizens of Ukraine

specializing in fire fighting products and services market may be a member of the Union.

 To become a member:

 1. To became familiar with the Regulation `About collective membership`, `About membership

registration and membership fees';

 2. Fill out the application form for membership (Give your telephone number and the actual

business address) and send to: 03179, Kyiv, Ukraine, pr. Peremogy 123, 524-525 office;

 3. Enclose with the letter next documents:

 The company’s Charter copy, attested by your stamp, minutes of personnel meetings with the

decision to join the Union, an attested copy of the State Registration Certificate by the company

stamp, a copy of the license (if any), stamped too, a certificate of the employees number and

company’s work experience of the market fire (at least 5 years), copies of official manufacturer's

products representatives, if the enterprise represent fire-prevention production not of Ukrainian


 At the next Board meeting in the presence of a company director or representative of the

company your application for membership is considered.

 After the entrance fee sum transfer to the bank account of the Union, the company will

receive a certificate confirmation the membership in the Ukrainian Fire and Technological

Safety union.