ukrainian fire and technological

          safety union


Ukrainian Fire and Technological Safety Union

for 2010 - 2015 years


  The program of the Ukrainian Fire and Technological Safety Union (UFTSU) aimed at the Union's goal and objectives fulfillment, to ensure favorable conditions in the technological fire safety market; to protect common interests of its members and domestic fire products and services, manufacturer’s protection, regulatory policy development, educational scientific and technical basis of fire safety and Ukrainian economy development as well.

  Unfavorable economic conditions in Ukraine, resulting from the global financial crisis, had negatively affected the field of fire safety.

  Substantial production in construction and other industries has reduced, that had direct influence on consumers of fire protection and technological goods, works and services and led to the fact, that firms in the industry find themselves in a difficult economic situation, marked by falling production and working places reduction.

  Further decline and stagnation in these areas leads to deterioration in the fire and technological security market, production has lower volumes in fire-fighting operations, increasing cases of noncompetitive practices and as a result - the quality reduction. Such circumstances in the fire safety market require public authorities responsible for fire safety and enterprise sector, mutual understanding and hard joint work to overcome these critical effects.

  Despite all these negative events, enterprises - Ukrainian Union members, retained their human resources, in general, and continue to work on the fire safety market in Ukraine.

  For the past three years the lack of qualified engineers and technicians, especially the staff working for domestic enterprises is not solved and need further work for UFTSU in this direction.

  We note that Ukraine's accession to the WTO had a positive impact on domestic producers, which successfully implemented and applied international standards and as a result - their products, works and services are quite competitive in the international market. Made a big step forward to the products quality, fire protection and technological works, services development, but the movement towards the quality assurance systems creation and application are still too slow.

  Today in Ukraine a sufficient normative base to ensure fire safety of most construction projects civilian is developed, in general. Efficient and effective mechanisms to ensure fire safety developed and worked out, although it has not developed by regulatory requirements or which options do not fit into the limitations of current norms and standards. However, despite the fact that the national regulatory framework and technical field of fire safety processed and put into effect, there is further necessity for their improvement and harmonization with international standards, notably as regards legal and technical basis.

  The existing regulatory framework to ensure the technological security of Ukraine at present less unified international standards than the legal framework to ensure fire safety, its achievements behind the requirements and needs more action in this direction.

  In order to implement program tasks, UFTSU took part in collaboration work with the Fire Safety State Department Ministry of Ukraine to improve the licensing conditions for business of fire protection development, installation, maintenance and man-made and heating systems, fire facilities evaluation. Required changes were amended, that simplify the new business creation and market entry, man-made fire safety of new business entities and at the same time increase the requirements for ensuring that businesses in providing them quality works and services of high hazard.

  However, given the general condition of the permit system and rules for the business entering, there is necessity to continue a work in its simplification, improvement, to find more flexible methods of regulatory activities with the purpose of more adequately respond to current challenges. Especially these issues are exacerbated in times of economic crisis and a critical decline in production, because depending on how the problem will be resolved by entrepreneurs and enterprises to access and entry and the adequacy of regulatory impact on the market depends on the further development of entrepreneurship not only in the field of fire and technological security, but in other sectors of Ukrainian economy.

  A modern environment for small and medium business in Ukraine has already formed and most of businesses organize itself in associations form and professional associations or industry forms, which defend the interests of its members and the best of their limited capabilities are trying to influence on the state regulatory activities in sectors of interest. In general, the business environment understands, what it wants and understands which way to go and what benefit for society and the state will be.

  Based on the Union objectives and the necessity to fulfill the tasks and taking into consideration current conditions and prospects of the fire and technological security field in Ukraine and the fire protection current market, insisting on understanding fertility cooperation with the Ukraine Ministry of Emergencies and Affairs of Population Protection from Chernobyl Catastrophe Consequences, Ukrainian State Committee of Regulatory policy and Entrepreneurship, other government agencies and unwavering principles and upholding the Union principles, the UFTSU considers it necessary to direct their energy and efforts on these areas:

1. Protect the legal UFTSU’s rights and interests, to promote its members into fire and Technical Safety Ukrainian market.

2. Regional centers creation and development, to promote their strengthening and influence on the respective regional markets, fire protection, to create conditions for increasing their role in defending the rights and interests of the branch at the regional level, promoting the establishment of relations and cooperation between public authorities in the region;

3. Active participation, along with community associations and associations that unite its members for professional or industry characteristics and the Union have a similar purpose in the creation of legislative instruments that allow, in decision-making on the issues relating to the activities business, to take part in their immediate development.

4. Close cooperation with the Fire Safety and the State Inspectorate of Civil Protection and Technical Safety Ministry of Ukraine State Department, Ukrainian State Committee on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship, other concerned ministries, government agencies, institutions, organizations and enterprises in the further work to develop and improve the regulatory framework for business sector;

5. Cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies, research and academic institutions in order to European level standards and norms development and implementation technological safety in Ukraine providing;

6. cooperation with state agencies by the State Fire Safety Inspectorate of Civil Protection and Technical Safety Ministry for the purpose of unfair competition and the inflow of substandard goods prevention;

7. Best practice of companies - members of UFTSU synthesis and dissemination, the movement of products quality consolidation, the achieved success in works and services developing, creating the conditions for international quality management system BS ISO 9001:2009, its implementation in the business field; registry design and assembly organizations and manufacturers - members of the Union publication and re-register;

8. To support further development of Scientific and Technical center in the educational field. Together with State employment center at its base to create regional centers for training and retraining workers for jobs and technological field of fire safety in Ukraine, providing an advantage for enterprises - members of the Union;

9. Prioritizing the scientific and technical programs development, new materials, new technologies and equipment for industry development and application, information databases from different areas of the Union creation and improve information exchange between members and government agencies using the Internet;

10. Support Union members’ inventions and useful models registration;

11. National and international fire-fighting exhibition, scientific seminars, conferences, forums conducting in order to sharing, both domestic and European experience in the field of fire protection;

12. Partnerships programs with the leading and national electronic and print media implementation, to disseminate and promote fire protection, fire warning methods, and others, as well as man-made environmental disasters.


                June 03, 2010.